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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Got it!

27 Mar 2009 - Today I finally got what I've been looking at for the past 3 years. When I first saw the A4 b7 1.8T, thought it was superb.. but it wasn't in March 2007 that I really checked out the details of the car.. 17 inch alloy rims, tiptronic 'f1' style pedals and bose sound system..phuiyoo... A big improvement from the A4 i bought in 2004.

Insya Allah, will be able to put out this post when the actual date arrives.. For now, will keep on dreaming..

Friday, February 23, 2007

Mau tidur lah...

Stayed at The Bellagio, beside it is Caesars Palace

Paris? Not quite, ini baru Las Vegas !!

Circadian rhythm sleep disorders cause insomnia at some times of the day and excessive sleepiness at other times of the day. Common circadian rhythm sleep disorders include jet lag and delayed sleep phase syndrome. Jet lag is seen in people who travel through multiple time zones, as the time relative to the rising and falling of the sun no longer coincides with the body's internal concept of it.

Dun think I have a sleeping disorder (yet..) Was all ok from any jet lag till last nite.. Went to bed at around 230 after having a chat with Sue n the kids, but after Dato' called at 430am (not realising the time here in Vegas), cudnt go back to sleep.

Think I finally dozed off around 6..

Tonite went to bed early, hoping to doze off till early morning. Nope, woke up at 1230am. Went down to the marketplace here at the hotel and got myself a frozen macaroni and cheese. Heated it up and (biggest mistake) wa to have a coke with that..

Now i haven't been able to sleep since, at its already 6 am, reckon might as well not sleep, gotta get to the ariport by 11, off to San Francisco..


Have I been so out of touch with whats going on in Malaysia politics? Can someone point out who is Jean Danker? Allegedly to be, or already is first Lady of Malaysia? Betul ka?

Sunday, February 18, 2007


View from the Loews Lake Las Vegas (from room 6202, hehe)
Have been up since 3am, so thought what the heck, try and get some work done and put up a post.. Arrived at LaS Vegas at 7pm local time last nite, and as we were headed for the hotel, realised that I shud have stayed closer to 'The Strip' as the summit is not till monday and this place is like 3o miles from anything else. Would take me USD 50 just to get back ito the city one way...
So, probably will take a hike later this morning. Have been so out of touch on things, never realised the influx of people into Vegas this weekend as the NBA All Star Game is here today! Was told that I might be able to get tickets on the ground from a pusher at USD 1000! Gila!! Lets see if I can try and get there just for the atmosphere and probably get a souvenir or two...


Wow, have not posted in like forever... 3 months to be more accurate, not that have not had the time, probably did not have the will. A lot has been going on over the last 3 months that i rate worthy of sharing with in this blog, have been reading other blogs quite regularly, just have not been up to posting something of my own.

Well, its a new year, lunar new year that is... thought I might as well start here...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Improvement, or is it?

After a month of traveling, was hoping to take a break for sometime before I go on another wild roadtrip. But as the bosses would have it, I am now on the way to India for a week. Just got to know Thursday evening, rushed to get a visa on Friday (which is a long, long story).. and now on the way. Will be in Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore next week.So no badminton for me then next week :(

Anyway, was supposed to get on the 640 flight, but somehow (though not surprisingly), the flight is now delayed till 815pm. On a good note, the MH staff promptly directed the passengers to the satellite area to get meal vouchers. Dunno if this is new, but its a first for me...

So, if you get delayed on a MH flight, you actually get RM 25 voucher for any restaurant in the terminal area.. So here I am, enjoying my complimentary spaghetti and coke at Sparro's.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Go to ride in style, compliments of client..
around wiesn, a time for all

Was in Munich, it was public holiday (not again!) as it was the Unity day (National day), remembering the unification of East and West Germany. So as usual, everyrthing was closed. Good thing one, was Victor (the chauffeur) mentioned that it was also the last day of Wiesn - or we would know it as Oktoberfest.

We know the Oktoberfest as a beer drinking festival, but it is much more than that. History takes us to the 17th century, when there a was marriage between the bavarian prince and erm.. some princess. But like us back home, can't just have one night of celebration, they have two weeks of festivities which would later be known as Wiesn.

So, today was great. People from all over Munich came for the last day. They came with friends and family. Was a rare opportunity for me to see them in traditional Bavarian costumes, which Markus (my chauffeur for day 2) complains that they only wear during Oktoberfest...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Today's Iftar & Sahur

Today's meal includes:

1. 2 Banana's
2. Cheese sandwich from the flight from Paris
3. Fruit juice
4. Whole meal bread
5. Apricot jam
6. Honey Cashewnuts, bought at Oktoberfest, macam pasar ramadan lak rasa tadi..

Need to keep myself healthy, perjalanan masih jauh...

Ghost put to rest..

Outside the Lourve
Cik Mona Lisa
Apakah tujuan engkau diciptakan,
Apakah rahsia disebalik potret itu....
Mona Lisa - Wings (Teori Domino 1990)
8 years ago, under and I went to Europe. From our home base in Manchester - or more specifically Meng's house, we set off on a last minute trip to Paris. We went around the usual stuff, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, etc. but so unprepared were we that we didn't know what the Lourve was. We did end at the Lourve, saw a long line at the tickets, and after about 15 mins in line, decided to give it miss. Only later did we know about the Lourve and that the Mona Lisa was there.
So today, I touched down Paris Charles de Gaulle, took a cab to the hotel and made my way to the Lourve. Good thing the line was short, so went straight to the Denon - where the Mona Lisa, just to lay this ghost of 8 years to rest..

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rain, rain, rain..

United Nations, Geneva

The famous Jet-deau

Was in Geneva over the weekend. Arrived at 9pm Saturday nite. After a long journey, just wanted to go to the hotel and take a shower. As most places were already closed (according to the concierge, which I later found out that there was kebab place open till midnite), just went to my room, took a shower and decided to just eat the egg mayo sandwich I bought at Heathrow for sahur later..

Sunday morning, was really gloomy. As I was only going to be there till noon Monday, was not about to let a little rain stop me. Walked around the lake, to the train station (where I found the kebab). As everything else was closed, read that the UN tour is open Sundays. So, there I went..

Was quite a walk there. As I got there, the rain started pouring heavily. So here I am, jalan-jalan sorang sorang with my little umbrella, socks starting to get wet. Arrived at the UN only to find out that its closed..Seems there was a special event going on.. hmmm, wonder what it was?

Nevertheless, there was a sliver lining to that. As I was about to leave, a taxi pulled over and a familiar looking lady appeared. Not that I knew here, but the appearance just looked sooo from our part of the world. She was from Singapore, and similarly disappointed that the UN was closed. We felt cheated..

So now I had a mate to go around in the rain with. As she had been here a few days now, Sow Ching took me aroud to the old town and as the sun seemed to come up, we decided to go on the Chateu cruise on the lake. As our luck would have it, just as we got on the boat, the rain started pouring again, and boy did it pour. Sow Ching really enjoyed the part where we entered France, albeit just for like 10 mins. Will post some pics on that soon.

So, all in all, despite the rain, the price (my god, the price), the language barrier and with everything practically closed, was quite a fulfillig day. Later went back to the kebab place to get my iftar meal, headed back to the hotel and spent the rest of the evening blow drying my shoes, jeans and socks..

Tommorow, to Paris!